Who we are

AWR is a team of consumer advocates.  We believe that customers deserve high quality for what they pay for, and they should receive fair and responsible service.  It’s partly why many of our reviews focus on what happens when we interacted with the different sites, particularly when we cancelled the service.  Getting the run around when trying to stop getting charged for something you no long want is unacceptable.  Protecting you from bad businesses that will try to take your money for nothing is one of our primary goals.

We cover a lot of aspects of the sites we review: Overall design (the nerd in us wants a good interface with good coding), image & video quality, and as mentioned, customer service and value.  Ultimately, what someone likes or doesn’t like in terms of content can be very subjective, we understand that something our team likes might not be the same as what others might like, with that being said we then value sites with varied content and good filters for finding what one desires. 

Our team will continue to review, and to try our best to deliver only the best sites worth your time.  — AWR Team

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